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Weight Loss and Detoxification

The new year brings along with it a slew of “New Year’s Resolutions” and on the top of everyone’s list is almost always WEIGHT LOSS. 
Regular exercise and following a healthy diet are sure fire ways to loose weight, but what if you are following a strict regimen and are still unable to loose weight? What do you do if you’ve reached a plateau?
Acupuncture helps to promote the body’s self-healing capacity – this means it helps the body to function at it’s most optimal level. If you are carrying around extra body weight your body is definitely NOT functioning at full capacity. You may also be experiencing other issues that are contributing to weight gain such as poor sleep habits, poor digestion and irregular bowel movements.
Acupuncture will help to promote proper digestion and elimination/excretion of substances it doesn’t need to function. Your body will take whatever nutrients it needs from foods and eliminate the rest rather than holding on to it. Acupuncture will also promote proper fat storage in the body – YES, you do need a certain percentage of fat in your body and acupuncture will help to make sure your body fat percentage is in a healthy range.
If you tend to overeat or feel hungry soon after a meal acupuncture can work to decrease food cravings and suppress your appetite, so that you feel satiated after eating an appropriate amount of calories for your age and physical activity level.
2 things are needed in order to make sure you have a successful outcome: 1) 100% commitment on your part and 2) an individualized evaluation and treatment plan. The more customized care you receive the more likely you are to reach your goal. What works for one person will not necessarily work for another which is why figuring out your body “constitution” is extremely important. If you have questions about how this can work for you just ask  me (!

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