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Self-Acupressure for Acupoint “Yintang” (Hall of Impression)

If you’ve had an acupuncture session with me there is a good chance that I have needled this point on you before. This is one of my favourite acupuncture points and one of the most commonly used points in my treatment plans. Why? Because of it’s amazing benefits to help calm the mind – something that we ALL need, especially right now!Since you are not able to come in for a session right now, I thought it would be beneficial to teach you some self-acupressure techniques that you can do at home. This one is very easy to locate: At the glabella, right in middle of the eyebrows (in your third eye). Using your index finger, gently massage this point in a circular motion for 1-2 minutes. Clinical Indications:

  • Calms the spirit in the treatment of insomnia, anxiety and agitation.
  • Benefits the nose in the treatment of nasal congestion and discharge, rhinitis, sinus pain, nosebleed etc.
  • Activates the channel and alleviates pain in the treatment of frontal headache.

This point can also be used as a focal point during mindfulness meditation or ‘body scan‘ relaxation methods. For example, try sitting quietly for a few minutes with your eyes closed, taking a few slow, deep breaths, and bringing your attention to Yin Tang. Allow the area to relax, and you’ll find that any tension in the scalp will also quickly disperse.

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